It’s a sobering thought to contemplate that a mouse can enter your property through a hole that is equivalent to the breadth of a HB pencil! With mice entering, and more importantly, re-entering your property with apparent ease, this guide will provide you with advice on how to fortify your property from infiltration by mice in the future.

  1. Close Your Doors: Mice may take the opportunity to dart indoors when you’re not looking. Ensure to install screen doors to your property, to prevent even the wiliest of mice from trespassing. Take note that mice are also most active during the night-time hours, so close all windows and doors during this period if possible.
  2. Inspect Foundations: Cracks in walls are often the main thoroughfare for returning rodents. Seal up any holes with concrete mortar or get a pest controller to install expandable wire mesh. You may find that mice chew through less sturdy materials.
  3. Block access to cables and drains: as previously mentioned mice can fit through the smallest of entrances. If there is enough of a gap between a cable and its protective seal mice will have complete access to your property. Seal any holes with stainless steel mesh and get a professional exterminator to install drain blocks to prevent any unwanted visitors.
  4. Employ a mouse repellent: certain organic substances are known to repel mice and by placing them on the periphery of your property, you can automatically reduce your chances of being subject to a second infestation! Both mint and bay leaves are known to repel mice and in combination with the above measures, you can be sure to keep mice numbers at bay. If you have a cat, why not place your pet’s litter box outside property access points – mice will think twice about entering a property if they smell a predator’s urine!
  5. Mice are attracted to human habitats because of the food they unintentionally offer. So finally, perhaps the most important action of all is to ensure that all foodstuffs are adequately stored in your home.

By implementing these pre-emptive measures, you sure to keep a mouse-free home for a long time to come!

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