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Damage & Disease

Mice thrive in man-made conditions and unfortunately have the potential to cause extensive damage to your property if left unchecked. Electrocution and fire damage are common-place consequences of mice gnawing through a property’s electric and utility cables.

As sinister, mice also pose a number of infectious disease risks to the human occupants of properties in which they reside. Mice can harbour in any available place in a house where they feel they can remain undetected and as such no area of a house is safe from the diseases these rodents may potentially carry.

Mice leave behind droppings, urine and hair strands wherever they travel and invariably contaminate household surfaces and food and water sources. All residents should exercise caution when living in a property with mice, especially those with small children. Several diseases that mice have been known to commonly carry include:

  • Murine Typhus
  • Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis
  • Salmonella
  • Tapeworms

Prevention & Control

There are various methods of controlling and preventing mice infestations. The method we will implement will ultimately depend upon the scale, recurrence and severity of the problem.

If there are only a few mice, we will first deploy traditional break-back traps situated at key feeding points across the household. In our initial appraisal of your vermin problem, we will establish exactly what and where your mice are eating (mice tend to diversify their food sources) to ensure the traps achieve optimum effect.

Alternatively, if there are too many mice to render traps an effective control method, we can deploy a range of rodenticides to alleviate the problem. Most of our rodenticides are generally based upon second generation anticoagulants such as Brodifacoum, Flocoumafen and Difethialone. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of these products, as the compounds are not available to general households and are limited to licensed usage by professionals such as London Rodent Control exterminators to bring about their extreme effectiveness. Cellulose-based products which act to dehydrate the mice are also available to control rodent numbers.

London Rodent Control is licensed to control mice infestations using sticky boards. However we will exhaust all other options before turning to this preventative method. Where sticky boards are necessary, we will endeavour to dispose of mice as humanely as possible.

Mice Control Experts

We will provide expert consultation on how best to embellish and locate your bait. Toxic to both mice and humans, London Rodent Control takes pains to inform you of the dangers of rodenticides to yourself, your pets or children prior to implementing. We will handle all rodenticides with protective clothing and equipment. We endeavour to keep track of each product we use for both resistance queries and medical emergencies that may arise.