London Squirrel Control

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Squirrel Problems & Damage

Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your property, meanwhile their capabilities to chew through electrical wiring poses an increased fire risk to you and all other occupants.

Squirrels are known to breed in roof spaces where they are able to build their nests, otherwise known as ‘dreys’ from lot insulation among other materials. The potential damage to your property’s insulation and electrical wiring, as well as the noise squirrel infestations create, are nuisances that have well documented by our clients over the years.

Trapping and Disposal

Cage trapping is the most viable option for controlling squirrel populations in confined spaces such as housing. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is an offence to release trapped squirrels back into the wild. With this legal caveat in mind, London Rodent Control ensures clients that its operatives will dispatch of squirrels humanely following their successful capture.

Our exterminators have discovered over the years that Squirrels do not like being exposed in open spaces and so they tend to place cage traps near to affected brickwork and insultation. They will usually spend several days prior to the trapping program baiting disabled traps to dispel any caution the rodent’s may exhibit to the new food source. They will also work to close off any other food sources to optimise the success of the traps when they are ultimately set.

At London Rodent Control we use single, live capture cages and endeavour to check cages daily. Once caught, the squirrels are removed outside and disposed of humanely. We also use industry-certified spring traps when occasion permits. As with cage traps, London Rodent Control has found over the years that the optimum location of spring traps lies between joints or within roof space or other secluded elevated areas that serve as squirrel harbourage.

After trapping the rodents, we will guarantee to dispose of their carcasses in line with environmental and local authority regulations.