Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the common questions we are asked by clients.

We hope you find it useful – if your questions is not listed below please give us a call on 0208 088 0634 or Contact Us to see if we can help.

Mice droppings are the size of a single grain of rice and are black in colour. They are rod-shaped and are invariably pointed at one or both ends. Similarly, rat droppings are also black, but slightly larger and wider than the rice grain template used in identifying mice droppings. They are usually rounded at each end.

Rats can spread many diseases that are potentially life-threatening if passed onto humans. Various examples include Weil’s disease, rat bite fever, cryptosporidiosis, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

Mice can spread such nasty ailments as Salmonella and Leptospirosis.

Always ensure that the pest control company you hire are qualified under a recognised professional body, such as the British Pest Controllers Association (BPCA). This guarantees that you will be using an industry-accredited exterminator, whose day to day activities have already been audited to certify their reputability. To be eligible for membership to the BPCA, companies are obligated to pass a second-level assessment set by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) which tests everything from adequate Pest identification, treatment, to the safe handling of pesticides and insecticides. Legislative, theoretical and practical aspects of pest management are also tested. The BPCA also ensures that each member company undertakes regular courses to keep up to date with legislation, regulation and general changes in the pest control industry.

Our technicians are certified members of the BPCA and pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge and expertise within the pest control industry.

The honest answer is that we would first have to come and investigate for ourselves. However, your assumption is grounded in good reason. Rodents tend to settle in warm, dark and secluded areas, in which a boiler room would be ideal! If there remains nothing to be seen during our preliminary survey, we can deploy hand-held snake cameras to provide visual access to your buildings hidden crooks and crannies. We may also need to gain entry to your property’s loft to investigate further. Please call for your initial survey today.

It would be a challenge and indeed against our professional conduct to say without first seeing the extent of the infestation. We would be able to provide you with more comprehensive advice after completing your survey and quotation. However, several factors to consider include:

  • Are there any children on the premises?
  • Are there any animals/pets on the premises?
  • Is food contained and stored securely?
  • Are general hygiene standards met?
  • Is the premises joined to another property?
  • What is the rodents’ principal food source?
  • How do you know it’s rats?
  • How are accessing your property?

Once we have answers to all of the above, we can then assemble a plan tailored to solve your specific pest problem, meaning you can finally relax and let the professional do the work for you!

Rats can live anywhere. The level of household hygiene is unfortunately irrelevant! For instance, in the past we have treated clean and tidy homes that were nonetheless beleaguered by rats because they lived alongside a river bank and kept chicken feed in the garden. The same story is applicable to our customers who live near restaurants or in the proximity to other areas which harbour considerable food waste or rubbish.

Rats also live in sewers and can access your property by travelling from loft to loft if you happen to live in terraced housing. For example, London Rodent Control has in the past assisted a lady who owned an immaculate property. The proprietor nonetheless complained that she kept hearing noises in her loft, such as scratching and scurrying. Her Technician knew rats were responsible after identifying their droppings in the loft, but despite his initial efforts he couldn’t find their entrance point. He established a motion camera in her loft, so when the rats entered, the video would mobilise. After several days, the Technician returned and viewed the footage. It was apparent that the rats were climbing through the air brick from the next door neighbours’ house. The Technician had a friendly word with her neighbour and she gave permission for the Technician to take a look in her loft. There were also signs of rat activity. He then went to the next neighbour along to assess whether he could shed light upon the mystery. The neighbour was at first quite reluctant to allow our technician access to his property; however after explaining the situation in depth, the gentleman finally agreed. It transpired that this gentleman who lived two doors down from the initial infestation was bizarrely hoarding food in his loft! He had believed rats were incapable of climbing and his actions had unwittingly attracted the rodents to not only his property, but to the several others that adjoined it. In this case, the infestation would never have been rectified if it weren’t for the great detective work our Technicians!

If you have any questions regarding rodent control please give us a call on 0208 088 0634 or Contact Us to see if we can help.