Testimonials & Reviews

Couldn't do enough to help – thank you London Rodent Control

Miss Morris

On finding mice, we called the council but thought the service they provided wasn't especially through. As we feared the mice soon came back to the property! We decided to call London Rodent Control, who not only rid us of our mice, but also implemented a number of proofing mechanisms to ensure that they didn't return in the future. We've been mice free ever since.

Mr Denton

Ever since taking London Rodent Control's advice we've been squirrel free for over a year. I think that's testament enough!

Mr & Mrs Oldbridge

What I really found useful about London Rodent Control was they were on hand from beginning to end. From conducting an initial survey to monitoring the performance of the bait and finally by removing the carcasses. London Rodent Control were there to do all the nasty jobs so I didn't have to lift a finger.

Ms Lees

London Rodent Control used tricks of the trade which as a layman I never would have considered – they did a fantastic job.

Mr Forster

Like most people, I found the notion of having rodents in my house quite distressing. That's why I really valued how London Rodent Control offered such a candid but thorough service which told me exactly what needed to be done. I really appreciated their honest and effective service in my hour of need!

Ms Kendrick

London Rodent Control went the extra mile.

Mr Davison

London Rodent Control not only sorted our squirrel problem, but also identified secondary (and quite serious) problems that would have gone unnoticed if not for their intervention. We were very grateful.

Mr & Mrs Painter

I was very satisfied with London Rodent Control – I will certainly recommend them.

Mr Alat

We've used other pest controllers in the past and the squirrels have always returned. We never thought of squirrel-proofing the trees that were helping the rodents to access the property until London Rodent Control suggested doing so. Since then, the squirrels have never returned.

Mr & Mrs Norman

I'm quite the animal lover and was dismayed about getting an exterminator into the property. However, I was reassured by the technicians at London Rodent Control, who were obviously very knowledgeable of current animal welfare legislation. It was clear that their activities were strictly in line with an ethical code of practice.

Miss Jensen

The technicians were with me straight away – the whole process was very stress-free and the mice were gone in no time at all.

Mr North

When finding rats in our home my husband was determined to deal with the problem himself. However, as a pet-owner and mother of three, I was concerned that his amateur efforts would lead to one of our children or animals unwittingly eating the bait! Thankfully, we found London Rodent Control's prices reasonable and the service which they provided very professional. I was assured by how each technician was health and safety trained and used effective rodenticides that were child and pet-proof.

Mrs McQuillan

I didn't understand why we had an infestation, but London Rodent Control were quick to source the root cause of the problem and resolve the situation so the rats didn't come back in the future…it turned out it was the bird feed canister in the neighbour's garden!

Mr Sumner

I had the same pest controller from the beginning of the job till the end. With so many faceless outfits out there, it was so nice to have the same technician from the local area.

Ms Brown

Previously, we had tried to deal with our mouse problem by laying several poison bait stations around the home. However, despite taking the bait, we were dismayed to find they weren't eating all of it and instead our mouse problem increased. However, London Rodent Control explained to us exactly where we were going wrong. They set up traps and bait stations at many more positions around the house, informed by the results of a survey commissioned on first visiting us. The mice were gone in no time.

Mr Brian

I didn't know whether we had rats or mice so I found that the survey London Rodent Control provided was very useful.

Mrs O'Keefe

I had a client coming over to my warehouse one evening to buy a considerable amount of kitchen merchandise. However, five hours before the meeting I saw a rat run across the barn, you can imagine my panic! Luckily, I quickly called London Rodent Control and a technician operating in the area was able to come see me in under an hour. He identified the source of the infestation and deployed various tactics to ensure that the rats wouldn't be present when my client visited. The meeting was a success and afterwards the technician returned to finish the job!

Mr Patel

Reliable, trustworthy and above all knowledgeable exterminators. These guys know their stuff.

Mr Slade

I like to think I keep a very clean house and therefore was horrified when I spotted a rat in my kitchen. However, London Rodent Control went to great lengths in explaining the behaviour of the rats and gave me sound advice in how to prevent their return in the future. Now I have peace of mind!

Mrs Merelie

My partner and I have had a bit of a traumatic time, having had a rat in our toilet pipe, which to put bluntly has freaked us out!!!

We didn't know what to do, first port of call contacted the council to see if they could help, but they were very rude on the phone and not sympathetic to the situation at all.

My partner rang a few companies, who quoted silly money and again not even helpful. Then she came across your company, and came through to Dean - whom from the call alone, my partner said how nice, and reassuring it was to speak to. He made arrangements so he could come round as soon as he can, which was the next day - thankfully.

From the moment he came round, he was absolutely lovely and amazingly helpful, he really went above and beyond the call of duty. He made sure he covered everything and explained everything in detail, and we instantly felt reassured, and less panicky about the situation.

I have honestly never took the time to write in to anywhere before, but we were both left amazed at how lovely your Dean was - you are lucky to have such a great guy working for you.

Thanks again - we hope the rat has gone for good, but at least we will get a better nights sleep tonight!

I just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with Dean from Pestforce who visited my flat this morning to deal with a mouse problem. He first visited earlier in May to set baits, and returned today to check the situation and to block access points.

I was really impressed with Dean's expertise and his professional approach. He explained each step of the treatment programme to me and said I could call him at any point if I had any queries.

I was a bit worried about the mouse situation but Dean was very reassuring. He was very thorough in his approach and I am really pleased with the results.

Dean was very friendly, personable and professional throughout and I really appreciate all his help. I will certainly get in touch with Dean again if I have any pest problems in the future!

I recently had an issue with rats getting into my home and called a few companies to initially get some advice on how to deal with the problem.

Dean was by far the most helpful. As a result, I asked him to come and review the situation, which was also affecting the next door neighbours. He made this a priority and came to my home and my neighbours to assess the problem. The advice that he gave us was both constructive and helpful and within 5 hours of his arrival, we caught 2 rats. He also explained at length what he thought the issue was and followed up with a 2nd visit a week later.

Dean was approachable, sympathetic but also pragmatic in the way he handled what was an upsetting and stressful problem. I also have huge confidence in his ability to eradicate the problem completely, unlike other pest control companies that I have used in the past. I recommend him highly.

Mrs Kinsella