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Westminister Rodent Control

Westminister Rodent Control prides itself on being the most attentive and professional pest control service in the entirety of Westminster. We exploit our familiarity and understanding of local rodent behaviour to guarantee that we can present to you the ideal treatment program in combatting your property's infestation.

Rodent control expertsWe hold particular expertise in the disposal of mice, squirrels and rats and endeavour to supply our clients with a hassle-free service which enables them to go about their daily lives while we get down to business! Throughout the treatment period, we will regularly monitor our success and review that we have achieved our stated objectives and your demands.

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Westminister Rat Control

Rat infestationWestminister Rodent Control uses a range of traps, phosphide gas and rodenticides to ensure the swift reduction in the size of your property's rat infestation. However, when using rodenticides, Westminister Rodent Control works within a strict code of practice to ensure that we restrict the contact that non-target species have to the toxins in which we implement. With rats having been known to die 100m away from poisoned bait, Westminister Rodent Control will diligently check for rodent remains both during and in the aftermath of our treatments, to prevent scavenging wildlife transferring these toxins into the wider ecosystem.

It's part of our larger environmental considerations that make Westminister Rodent Control the number one rat exterminator in the Westminster area.

Rat Control in London

Westminister Mice Control

Mice pest controlDid you know that within as little as 12 months, 2 mice can easily generate into a collective 2000 rodents strong! It is a fearful projection…and one in which Westminister Rodent Control is determined to stop! Luckily Westminister Rodent Control is striving undeterred across the Westminster area to make certain that such rodent calculations remains mere projections as opposed to realities!

On calling us, we will instantly work to deliver a composition of treatments that seek to target the unique weaknesses of your property's infestation. Throughout the treatment process, our technicians will work with discretion and rapidity to ensure that our integral service is delivered with as little inconvenience to your property's residents as possible.

Westminister Squirrel Control

At Westminister Rodent Control, we design bespoke treatments, which seek to address the specific weaknesses of your property's squirrel infestation. In most programmes we will include, for the least part, a series of single, live capture cages to trap squirrels. Once caught, the rodents will be transported outside and disposed of with minimal suffering. When deemed justifiable in serious cases, we will also supplement programmes industry-endorsed spring traps.

After removing the rodents from your property, the rodent carcasses will be disposed of by incineration, landfill or general waste disposal where permitted by the local authorities.

Call our Westminister Rodent Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.

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