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Wandsworth Rodent Control

Here at Wandsworth Rodent Control, we not only wish to provide you with a hassle-free extermination service, we also seek to inform you how you can best ward off rodent undesirables in the future! Perhaps this holistic approach to our services is why Wandsworth Rodent Control is consistently one of the most reputable exterminators in the entire region.

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Wandsworth Rat Control

Rat in toilet pipeWandsworth Rodent Control draws upon a range of traps, fumigation initiatives and rat poisons to facilitate the sudden reduction in the magnitude of your home's rat infestation. Nevertheless, when using rodenticides, Wandsworth Rodent Control works within a commendable eco-code that seeks to protect non-target species from exposure to the toxins we use upon rats. With our technicians often finding rat carcasses nearly 100m away from poisoned bait, Wandsworth Rodent Control is determined to monitor rodent remains both during and after a set of treatments, to prevent scavenging wildlife introducing these poisons unintentionally into the wider ecosystem.

It's part of our general awareness of our environmental footprint that makes Wandsworth Rodent Control the number one pest exterminator in the Wandsworth area.

Wandsworth Mice Control

It is estimated that within one year, 2 mice can multiply into a litter of 2000 strong! Luckily Wandsworth Rodent Control is tireless working in the Wandsworth area to ensure that such a projection remains a projection, rather than a terrifying reality! On calling us, we will implement a range of treatments that will seek to target the specific weakness of your property's infestation.

During the treatment period, our technicians will endeavour to work with discretion and speed to ensure that this vital service is enacted on your property with as little disturbance to its occupants as possible.

London Mice Infestation Control

Wandsworth Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletAt Wandsworth Rodent Control, we introduce various treatments in order to annihilate squirrel infestations effectively, albeit humanely. We first fix live capture cages which have the potential to trap one squirrel at a time. We ensure during the treatment process to monitor the traps on a daily basis to avoid any trapped vermin suffering unnecessary stress.

Once caught, the rodents are transported outside, eradicated, before their remnants are disposed in line with best practice environmental procedure.

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for a consultation by one of our experts.

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