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Thorpe Bay Rodent Control

Rodent control expertsAt Thorpe Bay Rodent Control we use a host of rodent eradication techniques that we have perfected through our many years of operation. We guarantee that all of the methods we use are put in place inline with current best practice guidance.

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Thorpe Bay Rat Control

Rats can live in any area of your home into which they can gain entry. At Thorpe Bay Rodent Control we therefore attempt to decontaminate every area of your property which we suspect may have experienced rat activity.

We always adhere to local authority guidelines regarding the removal of depleted bait and carcasses – our engineers keep up to date with these laws so that you can rest assured that we are working in line with current legislation!

Rat Control in London

Thorpe Bay Mice Control

Experiments have shown that if 2 mice are left in a closed space with a sufficient food source for twelve months, then that number would increase to 2000 mice!

Mice chewed through cable and wireThorpe Bay Rodent Control is on hand to prevent such a dreadful possibility ever developing into a reality in your property. We use Rodenticides, sticky boards and other tried and tested techniques to eliminate your mice infestation both quickly and affordably. In more severe cases where our expert technicians deem it necessary to use treatments such as sticky boards we promise to remove the vermin in as humane a method as possible.

Thorpe Bay Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletAt Thorpe Bay Rodent Control, we have on offer a wide spectrum of techniques available to eliminate your squirrel infestation as swiftly and humanely as possible. Our initial policy is to lay single, live-capture cages and monitor their success on a daily basis.

After capturing a squirrel, we take it outside and it is removed with as minimal suffering as possible. We can also implement industry-approved spring traps if our expert technicians deem this necessary. Once we have successfully resolved the infestation, we will dispose of any squirrel carcasses in accordance with current eco-guidelines.

Call our Thorpe Bay Rodent Control team today on
0208 088 0634
for a consultation by one of our experts.

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