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Rodent control expertsSutton Rodent Control offers a bespoke pest-control service that seeks to target the root of your vermin predicament and bring about the complete annihilation of the rats, mice and squirrels that harbour in your property.

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Sutton Rat Control

Rats have the capability to frequent any area of your property to which they can access. We will therefore ensure (from information gathered in our preliminary survey of your home) to sanitize all parts of you property with which we have reason to believe may host rat activity.

We will survey and increase bait toxicity throughout the treatment stage and will rid your home of its rat carcasses accordingly. We endeavour to dump all expended bait and rodent remains in line with Environmental Agency Protocol (whether this involves incineration, landfill or regular waste disposal methods). All three options are subject to local authority agreement of which Sutton Rodent Control agents will be aware.

Rat Control in London

Sutton Mice Control

Mice pest controlMice eat eclectically from sources dotted around the family home...from the standard food bays in the kitchen to that forgotten biscuit lying behind the back of your sofa. Understandably, this behaviour renders the task of deciding where to lay mousetraps all the more perplexing.

Sutton Rodent Control however guarantees to arrange a thorough investigation into where your mice are feeding and more importantly what they are feeding on. Our trained technicians will then deliver a treatment of traps and established rodenticides specifically targeted to where your rodents take sustenance.

We believe that no other mice control service in the Sutton area can deliver such a meticulous and effective extermination service.

Sutton Squirrel Control

Sutton Rodent Control has observed over its years of operation that Squirrels are indisposed to travelling in unprotected spaces. We therefore tend to position traps and cages to detain the squirrels only in areas where we believe that there is a high likelihood that the animals will frequent. We will also seek to disable the food supplies upon which the squirrels may be feeding in order to augment the success of the baited traps when they are implemented. It's this insider expertise that ensures Sutton Rodent Control will rid you of your squirrel infestation in a quick and professional manner.

Call our Sutton Rodent Control team today on
0208 088 2536
for a consultation by one of our experts.

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