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Rodent control expertsRedbridge Rodent Control prides itself on offering the most thorough and attentive pest-disposal service in the Redbridge area. We guarantee that our staff will not only be able to resolve your specific rodent infestation, but they will also be keen to provide helpful advice on how to stave off rats, mice and squirrels from your property in the future.

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Redbridge Rat Control

Rat in toilet pipeRats are naturally cautious of new sources of sustenance. Armed with this information, Redbridge Rodent Control deploys rodenticides whose fatal toxicities are delayed by several when administered. This allows the rats to become confident in eating the bait before the poisons take their intended effect. As with mice, cellulose-based compounds that obstruct the water consumption in the target organisms may also be deployed on occasion. Cage, spring and break-back traps may also be used as a viable alternative where resistance to rodenticide has been build up by the mammals. However, when using either tactic, we will monitor the traps multiple times a day to ensure that the rodents are spared any avoidable distress.

As an ethical service, we are compelled under the Spring Traps Approval Order of 1995 to use spring traps and other extermination equipment that adhere to animal welfare guidelines established in the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

Rat Control in London

Redbridge Mice Control

Redbridge Rodent Control is on hand to deliver a whole host of pest-control solutions that can be tailored to the size and severity of your mouse situation. After instigating an initial survey of your property and the mice collectives that harbour within it, we will introduce an array of traps and rodenticides, such as Flocoumafen, Brodifacoum and Difethialone to deal with the problem species. While incredibly effective, these compounds are not generally available to purchase in stores and require a license from an experienced exterminator that has been informed of the dangers of their properties.

Mice pest controlBy employing the services of a Redbridge Rodent Control exterminator, you can rest assured that trained rodent-control experts will administer the strongest and most effective rodenticides on the market to rid you of your mice infestation once and for all.

Redbridge Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletAlthough a classic component of the rural idyll, squirrels can become less than idyllic if they begin to harbour in your property. Luckily, Redbridge Rodent Control is ready to assist you if you find yourself faced with this exact type of rodent infestation. Cage and spring traps can be deployed to initially capture the squirrels, before the animals are disposed with minimal suffering.

Call our Redbridge Rodent Control team today on
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