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Rodent control expertsAt London Rodent Control, we endeavour to cater to all your pest-control requirements.

We guarantee to provide you with a discrete and knowledgeable service and our phone lines are manned 7 days a week.

If left untreated, rat, mice and squirrel contaminations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let rodents make your life a misery! Call our Merton Rodent Control team today on 0208 088 2536 for a consultation by one of our experts.

Merton Rat Control

Rat in toilet pipeRats are naturally defensive of their territory. Yet London Rodent Control seeks to remind customers that the successful extermination of a property's rats does not necessarily mean that other rats will be deterred in taking up the vacancy if food and water sources continue to be unwittingly made available to them. So alongside our firm's menu of conventional treatment methods, London Rodent Control will also consult you on how to proof your house from any future intrusion by rats or mice.

It's perhaps this one-stop-shop that our helpful operatives supply which has catapulted London Rodent Control to the number one position among exterminators in the Merton area.

Rat Control in London

Merton Mice Control

Mice chewed through cable and wireAt London Rodent Control, we fight your rodent problem through a number of proven treatment techniques. We will initially conduct a thorough investigation of the size and seriousness of your property's mouse infiltration. If we find an insignificant rodent population that causes us relatively little concern, we will deploy a treatment of break-back traps to quickly resolve the problem. However, if the infestation of mice is large, or indeed more resilient to treatment than envisaged, our team of highly innovative technicians will introduce sticky boards and poison to conclusively resolve your infestation.

Merton Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletSquirrels can impose significant strain upon a building's foundations, gnawing through timbres and electrical wires. The noise their dreys generate is likewise a frequent complaint arising from squirrel infestations. If you are being nuisanced by grey squirrels in your property, don't linger in picking up the telephone and chatting with one of our helpful advisers today.

Call our Merton Rodent Control team today on
0208 088 2536
for a consultation by one of our experts.

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