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At Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control, we will assist you with all of your rodent control needs. Our expert technicians will organise and implement extermination methods devised to comprehensively eradicate rodents from your property. Whether it is rats, mice or even squirrels that have infested your home, at Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control we will put into practice efficient and effective treatment techniques tailored to deal with your properties specific weaknesses that have made it susceptible to a vermin infestation.

All of our technicians are exceptionally knowledgeable specialists and will solve your rodent-associated issues as well as giving you in depth advice regarding preventative methods to implement to prevent further rodent infiltration into your property again in the future.

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Leigh on Sea Rat Control

Rat infestationWe would recommend that you contact Leigh-on-Sea Rodent control if you discover any of these tell tale signs of a rat presence in your property:

As soon as you have contacted us at Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control, we will begin by performing an initial assessment of the severity of your rat infestation before recommending and introducing a rodent-control policy which can involve trapping, gassing and poison baiting. Our technicians follow where possible the code of good practice as set out by The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

Leigh on Sea Mice Control

Mice chewed through cable and wireAt Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control we dispose of mice using a variety of established techniques, however we most commonly use traps and poison bait to manage mice infestations.

range from fires which develop where rodents have gnawed through electrical cabling to mice contaminating household surfaces with diseases such as meningitis and salmonella. Mice can instigate a number of dangers to home-owners, these threats

To increase our success rate, we put traps approximately 2 metres away from each other and in locations where we have identified the mice to frequent. Our technicians have a lot of experience of dealing with mice infestations and they have discovered that mice usually move along the bottom of walls. We therefore tend to locate traps with their baited ends against a wall, capturing mice along the paths they most commonly use.

London Mice Infestation Control

Leigh on Sea Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletGrey Squirrels often nest in attics, roof spaces and outbuildings. Indications of their existence are persistent scratching sounds and faeces. Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control's expert staff can easily identify whether the faeces is that of squirrels as opposed to that of rats and mice. Squirrels are not considered to harbour human diseases but they can inflict a nasty bite when scared. They can also transfer fleas onto your pets.

If one discovers squirrels living in their attic or anywhere in their home then they should telephone Leigh-On-Sea Rodent Control because we will solve the problem swiftly and efficiently.

Call our Leigh on Sea Rodent Control team today on
0208 088 0634
for a consultation by one of our experts.

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