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Rodent control expertsAt Guildford Rodent Control, we have often encountered how upsetting a rodent infestation can prove for customers. This is the reason why we are motivated into supplying the most thorough and efficient vermin control programmes in the Guildford region.

We orchestrate rapid responses to pest threats, but always with an eye to ensuring that your rat, mouse or squirrel infestation won't decide to return in the future.

No matter what vermin, or how serious the infestation has become, Guildford Rodent Control will be there at your first call. Why not contact us today to arrange a survey of your property?

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Guildford Rat Control

Rat in toilet pipeRats are more than just pests. They taint household surfaces, food and water sources with their fur, faeces and urine and their mere presence in your property can be enough to make you susceptible to a number of life-threatening illnesses.

If you believe that rats may be harbouring in your property, we urge you to call Guildford Rat Control immediately for a consultation.

By using a compendium of professional treatment options and industry know-how, our team of highly experienced operatives will be able to rid you of your infestation in no time at all. Why not pick up the phone and make the first step in taking back your home from rats today?

Rat Control in London

Guildford Mice Control

Mice pest controlMice will reside in any property with supplies of food, water and shelter. Indeed, these supplies need not be plentiful. At Guildford Mouse Control, we have calculated that one crumb of food can sustain a mouse for over 2 weeks. As mice breed at such tremendous pace, it is absolutely necessary therefore that you not only swiftly deal with your infestation but likewise that you combat the source that has attracted them in the first place.

Fortunately, Guildford Mouse Control is on hand to help. Our technicians will investigate the source of your infestation, rooting out both the cause and the mice in the process. In Guildford Mouse Control you can rest assured you are in competent hands!

Call today to find out why so many people are turning to us when faced with the daunting presence of mice.

Guildford Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletHere at Guildford Squirrel Control, we understand that no vermin infestation is the same. It is for this reason that our technicians work tirelessly to identify the unique flaws of your squirrel drey before treating it with a method of best fit.

From blocking potential thoroughfares with squirrel-proof mesh, to setting live cage and trapping equipment, our technicians can be guaranteed to implement an innovative solution that targets the specific nature of your infestation.

If you suspect squirrels are living in your property, we urge you to call Guildford Squirrel Control at your earliest convenience.

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