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Rodent infestations are not the consequence of poor household cleanliness but rather the unfortunate combination of property-owners unintentionally providing food, water and shelter to their rodent trespassers! Nonetheless, after many years on the job, we at Croyden Rodent Control can empathise at how distressing a vermin infestation can be to a household. We therefore endeavour to provide you with a discrete range of pest solutions, which eradicates your pest problem with speediness and professional efficacy unparalleled in our competitors.

We are obtainable Monday through till Sunday and we pride ourselves on the skill and quality of our workforce. We arrange various pest-reducing techniques of whose performance we have first-hand experience in specifically target Croydon's local rodent infestations. We can confirm that all of our control instruments are used in accordance with local authority and animal welfare guidance.

If left untreated, rat, mice and squirrel contaminations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let rodents make your life a misery! Call our Croydon Rodent Control team today on 0208 088 2536 for a consultation by one of our experts.

Ealing Rat Control

Rat infestationThe most regular request for our expertise is when expelling rats from residential and commercial households. The notoriety of rats precede them, and for good reason! Rats carry a multitude of diseases that when passed to humans can result in very serious and on occasion lethal consequences. Weil's disease, HPS and Leptospirosis are all ailments passed through contaminated rat urine, fur and faeces.

Rat in toilet pipeThe targeted control and ultimate extermination of rat populations where possible are thus necessary not just for the wellbeing of people residing in the affected property but also remains necessary for the protection of those people who come into contact with these occupants. The control of rats is not merely an individual burden but a public obligation, one in which Croyden Rodent Control conducts with professionalism and necessary rigour. Through a compendium of cages, traps, phosphide gas and rat poisons, Croyden Rodent Control endeavours to bring about the elimination of your rat problem.

Ealing Mice Control

Many clients have re-counted their vexation during private endeavours trapping mice, with their efforts occasioning more, rather than fewer, rodents blighting their homes.

Mice pest controlEach time, we at Croyden Rodent Control respond to these clients by revealing that mice are erratic feeders, eating small quantities of food from various sites in a house. We also caution that if left to reproduce without sufficient control measures, mice become free to proliferate at a staggering rate.

At Croyden Rodent Control , we draw upon our years of observing mice to choose a bespoke mouse-control method to eradicate rodent colonies residing in your property.

London Mice Infestation Control

Ealing Squirrel Control

Squirrel in the toiletSquirrel dreys are infamous for creating a cacophony of unwanted noise when residing in a house's loft insulation, while their regular gnawing (often through domestic cabling) can result in significant household damages uncovered by standard insurance policies.

Current law stipulates that it is a crime to release grey squirrels that are found to be living in human dwellings and that they must be disposed. To therefore guarantee that you observe environmental directive, Croyden Rodent Control will contrive an effective squirrel proofing and termination program on your behalf, eradicating squirrel dreys in a rapid albeit humane fashion.

For further information on how to proceed in tackling squirrel intrusions, why not call one of our knowledgeable exterminators today?

Call our Croydon Rodent Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.

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